Cobra Slave Dolly Transporter

The Cobra is the dynamic prime mover of McGrath Industries’ Slave Dolly workstation system. Slave Dollies allow open warehouse floor area to be utilised for ULD loading and storage operations - no need for fixed conveyor equipment. The Cobra transporter provides rapid flexible Slave Dolly movement in a safe efficient manner that requires only the minimum possible aisle width and turning space.
COBRA 200px
The dual joystick controls are naturally intuitive. The elevated operator position has an unrestricted 360 degree view over all ULDs except high Main Deck units. And the operator can reverse his position, eliminating vehicle about turns while placing the ULD conveniently behind him for longer distance travel.

Cobra 200pxThe Cobra can attach itself to a Slave Dolly in Wide Edge Leading or Narrow Edge Leading orientation, as appropriate to the operation at hand. The Slave Dolly's roller deck can be supplied Narrow Edge Leading or Wide Edge Leading to match interfacing equipment. The Cobra’s Pusher Arm helps staff overcome a ULD’s inertia when transferring it off a Slave Dolly onto other equipment.

The Cobra has plenty of power, enough capacity to handle 7 tonne Main Deck units. But it is also part of a complete solution. There is no operational vulnerability if the Transporter is not available. Typical warehouse fork-lifts can also propel the Slave Dollies, providing an effective back up for contingent operations. See the fork-lift propelled Slave Dolly Demonstration.

Patent Pending