Roving Transfer Vehicles

McGrath Industries' Roving Transfer Vehicles (RTV) are specialised ultra compact, ultra low profile and highly manoeuvrable industrial vehicles. They can transport aircraft ULD containers and pallets virtually anywhere inside air freight facilities. And they can be applied to many other industrial transfer tasks. RTV's move about dynamically in any direction on the same concrete floor as the fork-lift trucks and operations staff. They are not rail mounted like traditional Transfer Vehicles.

RTV's provide dispersed handling capability, allowing ULDs to be taken wherever is most efficient for loading or breakdown. RTV's can reduce fork-lift traffic plus reduce the quantity and spread of permanently fixed handling machinery, while opening up the entire warehouse for ULD operations.

McGrath Industries' Roving Transfer Vehicles are:
  • Incredibly Compact. These 7 tonne capacity machines are tiny, just the same length as a full size container and only 655mm (26") wider!

  • Incredibly Dynamic. The Viper RTV and Sidewinder RTV can rotate on the spot about their own centre, allowing them to reorientate in the tightest spaces. The Sidewinder RTV also includes dual axis drive modes, allowing it to switch from normal lengthwise vehicle drive to sideways operation.

  • Incredibly Versatile. The Cargo Deck is completely open on three sides. Powered ULD transfer can be Narrow Edge Leading (NEL), Wide Edge Leading (WEL) or both depending on the equipment the RTV interfaces with. Onboard rotation of half size units (AKE/LD3 type) is also available. An RTV can be configured as a self contained ULD transfer and manipulation device.

  • Ergonomic and Safe. The driver always has an open view ahead and 360o view over all Lower Deck cargo units. Controls are simple and intuitive.

  • Clean and Efficient. Utilises electric propulsion with interchangeable rechargeable batteries.RTV_WEL_Workstation_450px.jpg