About Us

McGrath Industries was founded in 1964 by the late Vincent McGrath and his wife and partner Emma. Today the Company remains privately owned and operated by the McGrath family, with son Chris McGrath and daughter Elizabeth Cozens at the helm.

From its inception, McGrath Industries has specialised in creating materials handling solutions for customers with heavy lift and transfer requirements. We started out developing equipment for the timber industry. From this we branched into integrated handling solutions for many other industrial clients. We also developed a range of standard commercial products for our local market. This included passenger elevators, domestic elevators, freight lifts and access equipment for people with disabilities. Our successful history provides us with a wide knowledge base found in few organisations.

Today, air cargo handling equipment and integrated systems are our main specialty within the field of heavy materials handling, and our primary product range for the global market. But customers in many other fields also rely on our expertise too. We engineer solutions as diverse as Mechanised Docking Platforms for passenger ferries to Elevating Stages for entertainment centres.

Chris McGrath leads our product development team with his signature creativity and attention to detail in all aspects of design. His expert conceptualisation spans mechanical, electrical and IT development. Elizabeth Cozens manages our efficient and streamlined company structure that has evolved in support of our "can do" customer focus. Our continual innovation and consistent product and service quality have always set us apart from our competition.