Control Systems

McGrath Industries utilises the latest instrumentation technology along with our proven electrical design techniques to create our Control Systems. We produce electrical systems for individual machinery items through to vast fully integrated handling systems.

Our flexible design policies allow us to choose the most appropriate control structure. Depending on the complexity and relationship of machinery tasks, we may employ either dispersed independent control centres or a single centralised control unit, or a networked combination of both structures.

Control Systems are thoroughly designed to operate in a simple, direct and logical manner. User interfaces, such as control panels and touchscreens, are designed to be schematic in layout and intuitive to operate. Status feedback is provided wherever possible to support the operator's understanding of machinery function and error conditions.

ULD tracking for mechanised and manually operated air cargo handling systems is also available. Staff use our database tool to log ULD location and movement throughout the warehouse. In mechanised systems, the database also acts as the user interface with the underlying machinery control system. Support data, such as ULD weight readings, can be collected automatically, and data exchange with other computer systems can be provided.