Main Deck Workstations


Main Deck Workstations are used in air cargo terminals for added convenience and safety when loading or breaking down wide body freighter main deck pallets. Main deck ULDs can be up to 3 metres high and weigh as much as 7 tonnes. A Main Deck Workstation allows the cargo unit to be lowered into a recessed pit below floor level, keeping the top of the cargo at a convenient working height for staff access.

McGrath Industries produces both "10ft" Main Deck Workstations (for 125" x 96" pallet bases) and "20ft" Main Deck Workstations for the largest freighter unit. We also provide a 20ft/Dual 10ft model which has two lift platforms that either operate in tandem for 20ft pallets or separately for independent 10ft pallets.

Cargo Decks are usually powered and structurally strengthened to allow small capacity fork-lifts to drive onto the deck if necessary. An integral weigh scale is recommended to provide immediate feedback when building up outbound units. Safety features include open load space sensing.