Slave Pallets


Slave Pallets are devices that allow fork-lift trucks to lift-and-carry ULDs while properly supporting the fagile container base. A fork-lift truck with appropriate load capacity is required. For full size ULDs, a 10 tonne capacity fork-lift is recommended.

McGrath Industries has a full range of Slave Pallets including roller deck and ball deck configurations. ULD transfer orientation may be Narrow Edge Leading (NEL) or Wide Edge Leading (WEL) to permit effective interface with other equipment. Fork-lifts may engage on the wide side or narrow side of the Slave Pallet.

Slave Pallets specifically built for half size ULDs are compact and only require the lighter capacity fork-lifts more typical of most warehouse operations.

Slave Pallets provide an economical ULD transfer mechanism when an appropriate high capacity fork-lift is available. Note that because the fork-lift operator's view past the ULD is very restricted when driving forward, the fork-lift is usually driven backward over long distances. Larger facilities and busy or congested operations should also consider McGrath Industries' Cobra Slave Dolly Transporter which provides a system of unprecedented flexibility, speed and efficiency with minimum footprint.