Truck Docks & Hoists

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McGrath Industries produces the most comprehensive range of Hoists for land side Truck Docks and all other lift and transfer applications. Configurations include compact roller decks for 10ft base ULDs, 15ft decks for simplified handling of contoured units, and 20ft decks for handling the largest freighter units or two 10ft ULDs in one lift cycle. Scissor Lifts equipped with a Powered Omni Deck or Manual Ball Deck allow ULD realignment or reorientation onboard or Right Angle Transfer between interfacing equipment.

A standard feature of our 10ft-15ft deck hoists is that they do not require pit mounting to close to 508mm (20") above floor level, (dolly height). In fact severalMcGrath_Hoist_4_03_110.px.jpg models in this range can close to just 200mm (8" - workstation height) without pit mounting. The hoist simply sits on the flat concrete floor. This simplifies installation and eliminates substantial building costs. Floor mounted hoists can interface directly with the workstation environment including the Cobra Transporter and Slave Dollies. And a hoist that does not require pit mounting can be easily relocated if operations change. We even have Truck Dock models with 20ft roller decks which close to 508mm (20") without pit mounting!

McGrath_Hoist_5_110px.jpg Optional enhancements can include Powered Cargo Deck, ULD Weighing onboard for outbound acceptance, Side Shift for powered alignment with the truck deck and interfacing equipment, and Impact Protection from reversing trucks.

Our Mast Hoist range is popular with both airport terminals and off-airport forwarding and logistics centres. Optional features include ULD Weighing, Powered Roller Deck, and Impact Protection.