Powered Roller Conveyors


McGrath Industries produces Powered Roller Conveyors for ULD storage and transfer within larger air cargo facilities. We utilise either our industry standard GI Conveyor or our proprietary GII Conveyor depending on the task.

In storage applications utilising a Transfer Vehicle or ETV as prime mover, a GI Conveyor can be traction driven in tandem with the vehicle's Cargo Deck, as it delivers or retrieves the ULD from the storage position.

In transfer applications, the GI Conveyors are self propelled. Longer conveyors capable of holding several ULDs are usually configured with automated accumulation to maximise in-line storage capacity.

Our GII Conveyor has advantages for low profile applications such as floor level Workstation spurs used to load or breakdown ULDs. Other machinery with compact and low profile characteristics often utilise powered GII rollers. The GII roller is also the basis of our Manual Roller Conveyor solutions for general air freight facilities.